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There are 3 types of surgery that doctors can do to fix a detached retina: Pneumatic retinopexy (“noo-mat-ick RET-ih-no-pek-see”) Scleral buckleVitrectomy.

When cells in the retina get damaged, they never heal or grow back. It’s a devastating fact for the millions who have lost sight due to traumatic injuries or diseases like macular degeneration, retinitis or diabetic retinopathy. But some species, such as fish and birds, shrug off injury to the eye.

Retinal imaging is a painless diagnostic exam that uses a high-resolution camera to take colored pictures of the back of your eye. The pictures give your doctor a closer look at the inner parts of your eye and help them take note of changes to your eye health and vision.

As you lie down, recline in a chair or sit up, your doctor examines the inside of your eye with the aid of a special lens and a bright light. This allows your doctor to see details of the retina and other structures in your eye in three dimensions.

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